Dance Week / Low Cut Connie “Shake It Little Tina” (2015)

The "Instagram Dance King" shakes it to Low Cut Connie.... Read More

Dance Week / Fatboy Slim “Weapon Of Choice” (2001)

Christopher Walken turns Christopher dancin': A lone actor in an empty hotel, and it's been called one of the greatest music videos of all time.... Read More

Dance Week / Jon Batiste “Freedom” (2021)

For National Dance Week (we think), SMGM honors a series of non-traditional dance moves - starting with new king of the Grammys, Jon Batiste.... Read More

Pop Quiz: Backup Singers (Part Two)

Some very famous rock stars sang backup vocals on some popular rock songs. Take the SMGM pop quiz to try matching them up.... Read More

The Best of Dave Grohl

The most wildly diverse, entertaining, accomplished, and righteous musical performer of the last 30 years has been Dave Grohl.... Read More

The Kinks “David Watts”

"How could my name have fallen from the sky?" How a lot of pot and a little happenstance with a paper plate led to panic at a Kinks concert... Read More

The Beatles “Get Back”

The magic of The Beatles documentary "Get Back" was not simply in seeing their songs get created but in considering how easily they might never have existed... Read More

On The Road Again Playlist

Maybe it's still too soon for a road trip, but when you're ready here's one for the road: the definitive "Road" Playlist.... Read More

Real Rock Names Quiz

Real big rock stars and their real birth names. Can you match them up? It's time for another SMGM quiz.... Read More

Shep’s Top 10 Story Songs

You know the songs but still may not have tracked the stories: guest Shep Cummings is back to assess his best story songs of the seventies.... Read More
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