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Breakfast in America

An album cover, and an album, both definitely worth revisiting. Supertramp's Breakfast in America is way more than meets the eye, or ear.... Read More

Bands of Brothers

Music aficionados are like a band of brothers. So how about a list of actual bands of brothers.... Read More

The Worst Song of All Time

At So Much Great Music, we celebrate all kinds of music that's great - it's right there in our name - but here we're going to explore the opposite.... Read More

Corinne Bailey Rae “Put Your Records On”

Corinne Bailey Rae's surprise hit "Put Your Records On" is somehow an even bigger surprise almost two decades later.... Read More

Rockin’ All Over The World

Oh, the places we've been: Google Analytics, the internet, and the very surprising reach of this little music website... Read More

Rock’s Most Underrated Band

Rock's most underrated band is probably not who you'd expect because they're highly thought of yet still not given nearly enough credit.... Read More

The “27 Club” / INXS “Don’t Change”

Rock's tragic "27 Club" and a corollary member at 37, Michael Hutchence of INXS.... Read More

Growing Up With Gordon

A heartfelt tribute to Gordon Lightfoot upon his passing, by the one person I know best equipped to do so.... Read More

King Harvest “Dancing in the Moonlight”

The super catchy one-hit wonder that everybody loves, and the word repeated so many times in it that everybody should notice.... Read More

Chicago “Wake Up Sunshine”

Believe it or not, Chicago was actually once a great band. Just not on this song (or wait, maybe so?)... Read More
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