Elvis Costello “Accidents Will Happen” (1979)

Elvis Costello has been a lot of things in his astounding forty-years-and-counting musical career: post-punk prototype, new wave renegade, encyclopedic musical raconteur, image-bending iconoclast, standards revivalist, acerbic pop culture polemicist, hook-mastering marvel, and whip-smart wordsmith. What he has never been is sloppy. So whether it was a quirk of his songwriting style, or a subtle … More Elvis Costello “Accidents Will Happen” (1979)

Bruce Springsteen “Countin’ On A Miracle” (2002)

“Hope is not a strategy” is a well accepted maxim in the world of business, and surely for life in general as well. Plenty has been written, deservedly, about the power of positive thinking, and yet it must also be remembered that irrational optimism is not always benign. Personally, I can be accused … More Bruce Springsteen “Countin’ On A Miracle” (2002)

Warren Zevon “Disorder In The House” (2003)

He’ll always be The Boss, but Bruce Springsteen has also been the assistant more times than you might realize, guest appearing on dozens of songs by an eclectic list of artists over the years. Sidekick supremacy, however, must go to Springsteen’s powerful and yet even more poignant role supporting Warren Zevon … More Warren Zevon “Disorder In The House” (2003)