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Shep’s Top 10 Story Songs

You know the songs but still may not have tracked the stories: guest Shep Cummings is back to assess his best story songs of the seventies.... Read More

The Cars “Bye Bye Love”

The Bikini and Go: A fateful route marks the end of a football phenom, with the whole episode driven by The Cars.... Read More

Backup Singers Quiz

Some very famous female singers sang uncredited backup vocals on popular rock songs. Take the quiz to try matching them up.... Read More

George Harrison “Ding Dong, Ding Dong”

Literally finding inspiration at home, George Harrison discovered a few simple words to help ring in the new year.... Read More

Darlene Love “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

For three decades Darlene Love and David Letterman gave us the same holiday gift every year: incredible renditions of the best Christmas song ever... Read More

Pablo Cruise “Whatcha Gonna Do”

Do you know the true story of Pablo Cruise?... Read More

Bo Diddley Beat Playlist

Bo Diddley created his own beat, and for over six decades just about everyone has been marching to it.... Read More

Eric Clapton “This Has Gotta Stop”

Eric Clapton is one of rock's most revered figures ever, a living legend and a 3-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. But he's also overrated.... Read More

Little Richard “Keep A-Knockin’”

"The architect of Rock and Roll," Little Richard was arguably the most influential person in rock history.... Read More

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Superstition”

A worthy Superstition to follow for Friday the 13th: Stevie (Ray Vaughan) and Stevie (Wonder)... Read More
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