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Tommy James & The Shondells “Crimson and Clover”

On Crimson and Clover, psychedelic hitmakers Tommy James & The Shondells made trailblazing use of the "tremolo effect"...on a whim.... Read More

Dennis Wilson “River Song”

From California surfin' to Charles Manson, Dennis Wilson's life was one of edgy contradictions. What he was, though, was the one true Beach Boy.... Read More

The Donnas “Take It Off” (2002)

A ripsnorting tune I can relish over and over, just like the ridiculous movie "Dodgeball" in which it memorably appeared.... Read More

Fleet Foxes “Helplessness Blues” (2011)

Ten years ago Fleet Foxes released Helplessness Blues. Making the record was torturous and ultimately destroyed leader Robin Pecknold's long-term relationship. The result was so beautiful even his ex could see it was worth it.... Read More

Eagles “Those Shoes” (1979)

A familiar looking pair of shoes led to an unfamiliar office fiasco. "Oh no you can't do that, once you started wearin' those shoes."... Read More

The Beatles “I Feel Fine” (1964)

John Lennon accidentally created rock's first-ever recorded feedback on the early Beatles classic 'I Feel Fine.' With a new kitchen appliance, I've recently matched his serendipity.... Read More

Scandal “Goodbye To You” (1982)

Patti Smyth (not Smith) of Scandal punctuates the end of 2020. At last.... Read More

Counting Crows “A Long December” (1996)

Music City, matted hair, and a message of hope: A short story via Nashville.... Read More

Lone Justice “I Found Love” (1986)

Fireball Maria McKee led Lone Justice to a meteoric arrival. Two years later they were down in flames. But some scorching tunes remain.... Read More

Big Star “Thank You Friends” (1978)

"The most influential band you've never heard of" helps bring jangly Thanksgiving wishes.... Read More
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