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The Covid 19 Playlist

What can I say, what can any of us say, to describe the surreal times in which we find ourselves. Well, not much, unfortunately. So, I thought I’d take a shot at providing a small benefit to the current manifestly twisted zeitgeist, in about the best way I know: with a Playlist..... Read More

Rookie “I Can’t Have You But I Want You” (2020)

It’s just a moment, lasting but a second or two. The verse has come to a clipped end, the band pauses, as if taking a deep inhale on the precipice of something big, and then…the chorus blasts in! I really love that moment... Read More

Warren Zevon “Disorder In The House” (2003)

He’ll always be The Boss, but Bruce Springsteen has also been the assistant more times than you might realize, guest appearing on dozens of songs by an eclectic list of artists over the years. Sidekick supremacy, however, must go to Springsteen’s powerful and yet even more poignant role supporting Warren Zevon... Read More

Gerry Rafferty “Baker Street” (1978)

..there’s an extremely prominent saxophone, a conspicuous line that has been called the most recognizable sax riff in pop music history, which was played by guy named Raphael Ravenscroft, an unheralded, utterly unrecognizable session musician who suggested he play on an alto sax a part that was originally intended to be sung... Read More

Beyonce “Love On Top” (2011)

In ‘Love On Top’ Queen Bey incorporates four key changes. And it sounds simply magnificent. Beyoncé is The Queen for plenty of reasons, but let it not be forgotten that amongst her many majestic traits she also possesses one astounding voice.... Read More

The Pretenders “Mystery Achievement” (1980)

There’s a real art to playing fake instruments. Air guitarists are obviously most prevalent, but finding the proper level of verisimilitude can be tricky. You’ve got to seek the right amount of exaggerated performance, of theatrics, while still enacting moves akin to actual guitar wailing..... Read More

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes “It’s Been A Long Time” (1991)

..the song that captured the evening’s magic vibe of reminiscence for us was ‘It’s Been A Long Time,’ an unapologetically sentimental and autobiographical soul ballad written by Van Zandt, reflecting back on youthful days around Asbury Park for three old friends: himself, Southside Johnny, and their third buddy, Bruce Springsteen.... Read More

Matthew Sweet “Morning Song” (2004)

..But music is such an amazing, powerful thing. A couple days before I’d been listening to a bunch of tunes by Matthew Sweet, and in the stillness his songs just kept running through my head, over and over, stuck in a loop. Especially this one, ‘Morning Song,’ as simple and beautiful a song... Read More

Beach Boys “Don’t Worry Baby” (1964)

The enigmatic Brian Wilson, known to some as America’s pop Mozart, is properly lauded for creating some of the most complex, multi-dimensional, and convention-challenging compositions in the history of pop/rock music. ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ is not one of those songs. It’s enduring genius is no less impressive... Read More

The Lovin’ Spoonful “Summer In The City” (1966)

There are just too many great summer songs to mention, but The Lovin' Spoonful made one of the best, "Summer In The City," and omitting one letter from a lyric may have made it the greatest ever.... Read More
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