Aretha Franklin “Today I Sing The Blues” (1961)

I’m quite sure there’s not a soul who needs me to try to describe the greatness of The Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin was one of those artists that’s just universally accepted as magnificent, and deservedly so. Like the Mona Lisa, Aretha’s grandeur had long ago ceased to even be something to assert, her artistry … More Aretha Franklin “Today I Sing The Blues” (1961)

Tedeschi Trucks Band “I’m Gonna Be There” (2019)

“I got one! I got one!” A tow-haired boy, probably age 5 or 6, sped past us, eyes agog, screaming ecstatically and rushing to show his family the firefly he’d apparently just captured between his trembling, cupped hands. It was the early evening of July 4th, my wife and I taking in a dazzling setting … More Tedeschi Trucks Band “I’m Gonna Be There” (2019)

Fabulous Thunderbirds “My Babe” (1982)

There’s an accepted code among musicians: Don’t horn in on another band’s gig. This rule is pretty absolute, and even more so if the prospective offender is already a known douchebag. My friend Tom “Clump” Clifford has been in bands most of his life; He’s fronted The Thangs, The Mistreaters, and currently King Soul, playing … More Fabulous Thunderbirds “My Babe” (1982)