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Steve Winwood “I’m Ready”

A brassy, big band take by Steve Winwood of blues classic "I'm Ready" is a hopeful sign that we're ready for something else.... Read More

Raul Malo “At Last”

At last, a discovery of yet another incredible version of "At Last"... Read More

The Flying Burrito Brothers “Six Days on the Road”

An all-time trucker tale, as done by possibly the most influential pioneers of country rock...and dozens of others.... Read More

Cover Me Playlist

A top 40 of top cover song versions: a playlist you can actually enjoy listening to from cover to cover.... Read More

The Greatest Cover Version Ever

No cover so radically transformed its original version more than Joe Cocker’s remake of ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ by The Beatles... Read More

Leon Redbone “Frosty The Snowman”

An eccentric pair, Leon Redbone and Dr. John, once teamed up to reinterpret a conventional Christmas classic, Frosty the Snowman.... Read More

Jason & The Scorchers “Absolutely Sweet Marie”

Jason & The Scorchers influenced scores of future bands by blazing an alt-country trail. And they started it all by covering Bob Dylan.... Read More

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Superstition”

A worthy Superstition to follow for Friday the 13th: Stevie (Ray Vaughan) and Stevie (Wonder)... Read More

A.J. Croce “Nothing From Nothing” (2021)

A.J. Croce has got some incredible piano skills, and a brand new album of eclectic covers. And, as it turns out, he's also got a name.... Read More

Mike Zito “Wee Wee Hours” (2019)

Mike Zito takes an old Chuck Berry 12-bar blues tune and assails the listener with an overwhelming assault of chops that could go on until the wee wee hours. Whatever those are.... Read More
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