Tyler Childers “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (2019)

“Seinfeld” had a whole episode (“The Contest”) about a certain solitary pursuit, so, I guess, why not a pop song. The Divinyls’ sultry 1990 hit ‘I Touch Myself’ certainly addressed the subject most directly, but many more only slightly less obvious allusions have existed than one might expect: ‘Dancing With Myself’ … More Tyler Childers “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (2019)

Chris Stapleton “Midnight Train To Memphis” (2017)

I got back to the garden. Not MSG, not that garden, but the one about which Joni Mitchell wrote and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young most famously sang: at the erstwhile home of Yasgur’s Farm, the mythical “garden” of Woodstock. This summer (this week, in fact) is exactly 50 years since “The Summer Of Love” … More Chris Stapleton “Midnight Train To Memphis” (2017)

Whitey Morgan & The 78’s “Waitin’ ‘Round To Die” (2015)

One of my favorite regular reads is “Saving Country Music” penned with an acerbic wit and what can only be described as righteous indignation by a dude named Kyle Coroneos, aka “Trigger”, with whom I agree on just about everything he writes in defending his self-imposed, virtuous cause. Some time ago, in regard to the … More Whitey Morgan & The 78’s “Waitin’ ‘Round To Die” (2015)