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The Donnas "Take It Off" (2002) A ripsnorting tune I can relish over and over, just like the ridiculous movie "Dodgeball" in which it memorably appeared.... Read More

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Featured, Lyrics, Roots/Americana, Southern Rock

Gregg Allman “My Only True Friend” (2017)

Chilling is the only word to describe the experience of listening to this beautiful and...
February 6, 2019
Blues, Featured, New Music

Tedeschi Trucks Band “I’m Gonna Be There” (2019)

What the Tedeschi Trucks Band can create is something truly rare: pure joy....
July 9, 2019
Classic Rock, Featured, Lyrics

Bruce Springsteen “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” (1973)

The task was simple and the theme was equally self-evident: create a party playlist of...
September 25, 2019
Featured, Outlaw Country, Roots/Americana, Singer/Songwriter

Chris Stapleton “Midnight Train To Memphis” (2017)

I got back to the garden. Not MSG, not that garden, but the one about...
August 11, 2019
Featured, Instrumentals, Movie/Media Clips, New Orleans, Zydeco

Buckwheat Zydeco “Zydeco Boogaloo” (1984)

This site is called So Much Great Music because that’s really how I feel; there’s...
September 18, 2018
Blues, Classic Rock, Featured

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Love Struck Baby” (1983)

The greatest guitarist I've ever heard, or will ever hear. This song changed my life....
July 8, 2018


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The Donnas “Take It Off” (2002)

A ripsnorting tune I can relish over and over, just like the ridiculous movie "Dodgeball" in which it memorably appeared....

Focus “Hocus Pocus” (1971)

A bizarre series of solos leads to the conclusion that some records are not meant to be broken...

Eryn Allen Kane “Piano Song” (2015)

Belying its nondescript title, this referral really built up to be something remarkable....

J. Geils Band “Musta Got Lost” (1976)

Peter Wolf rapped rock's greatest intro (before rap was even a thing)...

Hound Dog Taylor “Give Me Back My Wig” (1971)

Hound Dog Taylor brought us genuine house rocking music from the south side of Chicago, playing raw slide guitar blues that utilized five of his six fingers (yes, you read that right)....

Fleet Foxes “Helplessness Blues” (2011)

Ten years ago Fleet Foxes released Helplessness Blues. Making the record was torturous and ultimately destroyed leader Robin Pecknold's long-term relationship. The result was so beautiful even his ex could see it was worth it....

Eagles “Those Shoes” (1979)

A familiar looking pair of shoes led to an unfamiliar office fiasco. "Oh no you can't do that, once you started wearin' those shoes."...

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