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A Tight Squeeze

Outside of the accepted top bands in history, is there a group that could enter a better 10-song list than Squeeze?... Read More

The Greatest Songs With Whistling

Even with every instrument and recording technology available, many songmakers still choose to whistle when they work.... Read More

Ain’t That Peculiar

What would never be acceptable in common speech or writing is ubiquitous in popular music. Ain't that peculiar?... Read More

The 5 Best Album Runs of All Time

What are the greatest band album runs of all time? But first, what's considered a run and what makes it special?... Read More

Bands of Brothers

Music aficionados are like a band of brothers. So how about a list of actual bands of brothers.... Read More

Top 10 Greatest Live Albums of All Time

What are the greatest live albums: So Much Great Music counts down the 10 best ever. But first, what makes a great live album great?... Read More

More Great Opening Guitar Riffs

Songs with the greatest opening guitar riffs: SMGM lists even more of the best of all time (how could these have been missed the first time?)... Read More

The Greatest Opening Guitar Riffs Ever

What's the greatest opening guitar riff? SMGM documents the 10 best of all time. But first, what makes it an opening riff?... Read More

Top 5 Movie Songs by Fictional Bands

Real movies, fake bands: the So Much Great Music countdown of the best 5 songs ever.... Read More

The Top 10 Greatest New Orleans Music Artists

When the Saints go marching in, who would you like to be in that number?... Read More
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