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Dance Week / OK Go “Here It Goes Again” (2006)

The classic treadmill video. If you know, you know. Ready, set, OK Go.... Read More

The Best of Dave Grohl

The most wildly diverse, entertaining, accomplished, and righteous musical performer of the last 30 years has been Dave Grohl.... Read More

Counting Crows “A Long December” (1996)

Music City, matted hair, and a message of hope: A short story via Nashville.... Read More

Big Star “Thank You Friends” (1978)

"The most influential band you've never heard of" helps bring jangly Thanksgiving wishes.... Read More

Bottle Rockets “I’ve Been Dying” (1998)

Aptly capturing the 2020 year, with lyrics written over two decades prior, the Bottle Rockets do as they reliably do: out of a boulder of misery they can still chisel a rock and roll jewel.... Read More

The Godfathers “Birth, School, Work, Death” (1988)

..The Godfathers, an ‘80’s English new wave band, seemed to have it boiled down to a pretty tight outline. There it is, on their biggest U.S. hit, a philosophy in four words..... Read More

Maxshh “Song For Dad” (2020)

..Rather than try to record what he’d conceived of as his far-reaching “super-incubated encyclopedia of everything,” he returned, instead, to one of his earliest listening roots: pop/rock music, songs formulated and stylized to leave a first impression of “nice” rather than “challenging.”... Read More

Another Covid 19 Playlist

Another weird week, in a string of weird weeks. Another 19 songs. Another Covid 19 Playlist. Unlike my prior effort, no self-imposed, OCD-driven, 1970’s-only restrictions for this one, so I can now give ‘Strange Days’ the opening slot it deserves. Lots of cautions lately to please ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me,’ ‘Keep Your Hands...... Read More

The Pretenders “Mystery Achievement” (1980)

There’s a real art to playing fake instruments. Air guitarists are obviously most prevalent, but finding the proper level of verisimilitude can be tricky. You’ve got to seek the right amount of exaggerated performance, of theatrics, while still enacting moves akin to actual guitar wailing..... Read More

Matthew Sweet “Morning Song” (2004)

..But music is such an amazing, powerful thing. A couple days before I’d been listening to a bunch of tunes by Matthew Sweet, and in the stillness his songs just kept running through my head, over and over, stuck in a loop. Especially this one, ‘Morning Song,’ as simple and beautiful a song... Read More
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