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Chicago “Wake Up Sunshine”

Believe it or not, Chicago was actually once a great band. Just not on this song (or wait, maybe so?)... Read More

Pablo Cruise “Whatcha Gonna Do”

Do you know the true story of Pablo Cruise?... Read More

Scandal “Goodbye To You” (1982)

Patti Smyth (not Smith) of Scandal punctuates the end of 2020. At last.... Read More

Hall & Oates “Back Together Again” (1976)

Who's the most successful duo of the rock era? I think most people’s first reaction would rightfully be Simon & Garfunkel, while some would choose The Everly Brothers. Upset picks could go to Sam & Dave, The Carpenters, or Jan & Dean. They’d all be wrong..... Read More

Starbuck “Moonlight Feels Right” (1976)

The making of a good song requires all kinds of choices, with lyrics, with instrumentation, with production, and more. The solo break generally presents fewer options, guitar, of course, filling the vast majority, with piano or saxophone likely being next in line. Some notable exceptions, though, do exist. Midway through ‘Pictures Of Lily,’ one of...... Read More

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds “Don’t Pull Your Love” (1971)

‘Don’t Pull Your Love’ was the first (and second-biggest) hit by this cheesy, early ‘70’s Los Angeles soft rock quartet. Wait, they weren’t actually a quartet? For years my friends Zing, Messiah and I have debated how many members this ... Read More

Jefferson Starship “Jane” (1979)

The incredible singing of Mickey Thomas makes Jefferson Starship's "Jane" a pleasure worth being guilty over.... Read More
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