Let’s call this one a guilty pleasure.

Grace Slick was one badass rock n’ roll singer, a pioneer with the original Jefferson Airplane as well as the less-appreciated group that evolved from it, Jefferson Starship. The operatic vocals heard in ‘Jane,’ however, are not hers but those of Mickey Thomas (previously best known as the singer on Elvin Bishop’s biggest hit ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’). This tune has got the colossal power chords, the dizzying repeated piano strikes, a healthy dose of cowbell, and a ripping guitar solo at its center.

And, of course, it also plays over the opening credits of that godawful 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer whose ensemble included, among others, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Amy Poehler, and marked the film debut of Bradley Cooper.

But who can deny that Starship’s ‘Jane’ reaches its wonderfully cheesy zenith at the 3:15 mark with Thomas’ spectacular shrieking of “Janey! Janey! Janey! Janey! Jay-yay-yay-ay-nane-aay!!”? Not even Tarzan could cry out “Jane” to rival that. Can’t help but say, that’s pretty damn slick.


For comparison, here’s Mickey with Elvin

Wet Hot American Summer – opening credits