The site is So Much Great Music. Music. It’s staring right at us. How have we missed this concept to date?

What about when the music is about, well, music. Specifically: songs where “music” is in the title of the song.

Not surprisingly, that includes a lot of great…music.

So here’s a new SMGM playlist, “I Love Music,” with our Top 25 selections.

Does it have your favorites? Did we miss anything? (the only known and intentional omission is The Doors’ ‘When The Music’s Over,’ which is just a bit too long and depressing…when sober).

“Music is life,” as my friend Rob always signs off his notes. Hope you’ll take a little time out of your life to do as The Doobies do and listen to the music. Of music.

Note: This appallingly obvious theme was inspired by the New York Times newsletter The Amplifier by Lindsay Zoladz, whose most recent edition observed the career of Mama Cass Elliot and included her solo hit ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music.’ Quoting that song’s timeless chorus, she writes “‘Make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along’ — which is usually not the case when this one is playing.”

The Amplifier, as expertly curated by Zoladz, is clever and colorful, covers a compelling breadth of musical categories, and is consistently one of the best things to hit my inbox every week. Highly recommended.