Following years of exhaustive algorhythmic examination by the crack So Much Great Music research department it has been determined that 78.6% of all rock and roll songs ever recorded have as their primary subject matter one of two topics.¹ The first is what Bob Eubanks on the old Newlywed Game show would have referred to as “making whoopee.” And the second, not entirely unrelated given the inescapably male-dominated history of rock music, is simply this: girls. Or as Mötley Crüe might say: girls, girls, girls.

No small number of such songs also contain a given girl’s name in the title. And here at SMGM we’ve done the heretofore unthinkable – we’ve compiled them all, from A to Z. That’s right, you know a tune with a girl’s name as all or any part of a song title, and we’ve got it. And you’ll find them, starting today, in the first of a seven-part playlist named – as well as led off by the outstanding Warren Zevon version of – “A Certain Girl”²

As you might expect, they’ll be appearing alphabetically. For part one, following Warren, we’ll cover letters A to B – in this case, from “Alice” (who all the young girls love) to “Brandy” (who’s such a fine girl).

And stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet on the way in parts two through seven.

Did we forget anything? Can you anticipate all the girls/songs to come? Do you really believe we went through such an insane exercise? Maybe, I doubt it, and absolutely yes.

Here’s Part I of the new SMGM playlist, “A Certain Girl.” Enjoy.

¹either that, or I completely made it up (but still, I bet it isn’t that far off)

²the original, of course, was recorded in 1961 by New Orleans legend Ernie K-Doe, and written by the even bigger NOLA luminary Allen Toussaint