Following years of exhaustive algorhythmic examination by the crack So Much Great Music research department it has been determined that 78.6% of all rock and roll songs ever recorded have as their primary subject matter one of two topics.¹ The first is what Bob Eubanks on the old Newlywed Game show would have referred to as “making whoopee.” And the second, not entirely unrelated given the inescapably male-dominated history of rock music, is simply this: girls. Or as Mötley Crüe might say: girls, girls, girls.

No small number of such songs also contain a given girl’s name in the title. And here at SMGM we’ve done the heretofore unthinkable – we’ve compiled them all, from A to Z. That’s right, you know a tune with a girl’s name as all or any part of a song title, and we’ve got it. And you’ll find them all in a seven-part playlist named “A Certain Girl.”

If you missed it, here’s Part I of the series, covering the letters A-B.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

For part two we’ll be continuing with the letters C to D – which include “Candida” (with whom you could make it together), “Candy” (who has pictures of her heroes on the wall), “Donna” (about whom we wonder where can she be) and “Cecilia” (who’s breaking my heart).

Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet on the way soon in parts three through seven.

Did we forget any worthy tunes so far? Can you anticipate the many girls/songs still to come? Do you really believe we went through such an insane exercise? Maybe, I doubt it, and absolutely yes.

Here’s Part II of the new SMGM playlist, “A Certain Girl.” Enjoy.

¹either that, or I completely made it up (but still, I bet it isn’t that far off)