With apologies to Willis Reed, Tony Gwynn, Steve Yzerman and Jean Ratelle, the greatest #19 ever.

Friends of So Much Great Music,

What can I say, what can any of us say, to describe the surreal, science fiction movie-like times in which we find ourselves. Well, not much, unfortunately. So, I thought I’d take a shot at breaking up whatever form of isolation we may be experiencing, and, possibly, to provide a small benefit to the current manifestly twisted zeitgeist, in about the best way I know how: with a Playlist.

I would surely have led this off one with ‘Strange Days’ by The Doors, but, as regular readers here may recall, I recently compiled a series of 1970’s Playlists culminating with a high school reunion, and I’ve chosen to stick to those roots with exclusively songs from the ‘70’s¹ (alas, Jim Morrison wrote that oh-so-applicable gem in 1967). So instead what are included here are 19 tracks – if you will, “The Covid 19” – that I hope you may enjoy, and that as you listen I trust you’ll notice all bear a thematic connection to this exceedingly weird period. As we live through our suspended existence ‘Day After Day,’ I pray none of us get ‘The Fever.’ We certainly all seek some ‘Protection’ while we sit ‘All By Myself’ wondering ‘How Long (Has This Been Going On)’ and try not to ‘Le Freak’ out. And finally, I’ve ended on a wishful note which I hope proves prophetic very soon: ‘I See The Light.’

Good health and safety to us all, and our families.

¹persnickety observers (like me) may note that the opening track, ‘Hey Nineteen,’ actually came out in 1980, so should have been deemed ineligible by the judges (again, me), but it is so close and I just couldn’t resist the obvious “19” tie-in.

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