King Harvest “Dancing in the Moonlight”

The super catchy one-hit wonder that everybody loves, and the word repeated so many times in it that everybody should notice.... Read More

Chicago “Wake Up Sunshine”

Believe it or not, Chicago was actually once a great band. Just not on this song (or wait, maybe so?)... Read More

Chris Stapleton “Arkansas”

I've never been to Arkansas, but listening to Chris Stapleton's song, "Arkansas" has me wanting to go. Just not for its Governor.... Read More

More Great Opening Guitar Riffs

Songs with the greatest opening guitar riffs: SMGM lists even more of the best of all time (how could these have been missed the first time?)... Read More

Bruce Springsteen @ UBS Arena (“Glory Days”)

Glory Days for the 100th time: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band at UBS Arena... Read More

Cover Me Playlist

A top 40 of top cover song versions: a playlist you can actually enjoy listening to from cover to cover.... Read More

The Greatest Cover Version Ever

No cover so radically transformed its original version more than Joe Cocker’s remake of ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ by The Beatles... Read More

The Greatest Opening Guitar Riffs Ever

What's the greatest opening guitar riff? SMGM documents the 10 best of all time. But first, what makes it an opening riff?... Read More

The Smithereens “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”

An underrated power-pop band named after a Yosemite Sam line, The Smithereens somehow never quite, well, blew up.... Read More

Breaking Bad-finger “Baby Blue”

The best television drama ever made also had the best match of song to scene to end the series.... Read More
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