A Certain Girl Playlist (Part I)

Looking for all the songs with girl's names in the title? Yes, all of them. Here's Part I of the Playlist, "A Certain Girl."... Read More

Kenny Wayne Shepherd “I Want You”

No one could fill his shoes, but for 25 years now Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been doing the best Stevie Ray Vaughan since...Stevie Ray Vaughan.... Read More

War “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

An under-the-radar bizarre band name, and their biggest hit that went against type.... Read More

All The Flowers Of The Mountain

A friend's first novel, and our companion Playlist for listening with it.... Read More

The Top 10 Best Duets

It takes two: So Much Great Music details the 10 best duets ever, and the one couple that's clearly tops in popular music history.... Read More

Take The Highway Playlist

A definitive highway playlist: the 50 greatest rock songs with "highway" in the title. Hit it.... Read More

Pissed off at the world

One man's apparent reaction to just being fed up with it all... Read More

American Aquarium “All I Needed” (2022)

American Aquarium's new album has an answer for when life's getting you down: all that's needed is a song.... Read More

The 10 Best Rock Frontmen

Who's at the front of all rock frontmen: So Much Great Music makes the case for the 10 best ever. But first, what makes a great frontman great?... Read More

Soul Glo “(Quietly) Do The Right Thing” (2020)

Our strange little dog, Nelson, and what he can often sound like.... Read More
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