Melvin Seals & JGB @ The Capitol Theater

Melvin Seals & JGB are worthy "Keepers of the Flame"...but preferably in the daylight... Read More

Steve Winwood “I’m Ready”

A brassy, big band take by Steve Winwood of blues classic "I'm Ready" is a hopeful sign that we're ready for something else.... Read More

Breakfast in America

An album cover, and an album, both definitely worth revisiting. Supertramp's Breakfast in America is way more than meets the eye, or ear.... Read More

Ain’t That Peculiar

What would never be acceptable in common speech or writing is ubiquitous in popular music. Ain't that peculiar?... Read More

Kamasi Washington “Prologue”

What's past is Prologue with jazz virtuoso Kamasi Washington's ecstatic return... Read More

Best of Keith Richards

Raise a glass to the unmistakable greatness of Keith Richards. Here's all of his best songs with The Stones and solo.... Read More

Beth Hart “Am I The One”

What makes a great live music performance? Songstress Beth Hart has the goods to illustrate why one of hers could be the greatest ever.... Read More

Pickin’, Grinnin’ and Jammin’: The Cosmic Country of Daniel Donato

In concert with Daniel Donato, a unique new hero to both the country music and jam band scenes.... Read More

Kentucky Headhunters “Dry Land Fish”

Not all "best" and "greatest" are subjective: Fred Young has got the greatest mutton chops in music history, and this one's a lock.... Read More

The 5 Best Album Runs of All Time

What are the greatest band album runs of all time? But first, what's considered a run and what makes it special?... Read More
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