Another weird week, in a string of weird weeks. Another 19 songs. Another Covid 19 Playlist.

Unlike my prior effort, no self-imposed, OCD-driven, 1970’s-only restrictions for this one, so I can now give ‘Strange Days’ the opening slot it deserves. Lots of cautions lately to please ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me,’ ‘Keep Your Hands To Yourself’ and maintain ‘The Distance.’ Following the necessary ‘Clampdown’ many of our cities now resemble a ‘Ghost Town.’ And while we’re ‘Waiting On The World To Change’ we can still indulge some simple pleasures like ‘Walkin’ Thru The Park’ (this one, a seriously rocking, malaise annihilating version by the late, great Gary Moore). Oh, and I was able to work in a peppy little tune by ’80’s punk heroes, The Minutemen. Many may recall it as the theme song for the highbrow comedy of “Jackass” but not be aware of its title: ‘Corona’.

Good health and safety to all, and please enjoy Another Covid 19 Playlist.

Play it in full on Spotify, at user profile “So Much Great Music”