We’re up to Part V of the So Much Great Music all-girls-names-in-song-titles playlist “A Certain Girl.”

If you need to do some catching up, here are the previous entries (and the portions of the alphabet they covered):

• A Certain Girl Playlist – Part I (A-B)

• A Certain Girl Playlist – Part II (C-D)

• A Certain Girl Playlist – Parts III & IV (E-L)

And if you’ve been following along previously you’ve now seen the intro a few times, so today we’ll leave that at the bottom.

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This brings us to the letter “M”. And there are a lot of “M”-name songs. So, “M” gets its own list.

Thus you’ll get “Maggie” (whose face I wish I’d never seen), “Maria” (who’ll take a letter and address it to my wife), “Mary” (who had a little lamb), “Matilda” (who took my money and ran to Venezuela), and “Maybellene” (who done started doing the things she used to do).

And in truth, we even had to skimp a bit specifically on “Mary” titles; 13 are included here, but if you dig deep there are really just too many possibilities. So many, in fact, that SMGM previously issued a straight-up “Mary” playlist – “There’s Something About Mary” (which can be revisited here) – that also explored Bruce Springsteen‘s apparent fixation with ‘Mary’ characters in his music (the preponderance of Mary’s in his songs is quite striking, and knowing The Boss, probably not accidental).

Stay tuned for the rest of the series. We’ll be wrapping things up with Parts VI and VII shortly.

So now here is Part V of the new SMGM playlist, “A Certain Girl.” Enjoy.

Following years of exhaustive algorhythmic examination by the crack So Much Great Music research department it has been determined that 78.6%¹ of all rock and roll songs ever recorded have as their primary subject matter one of two topics. The first is what Bob Eubanks on the old Newlywed Game show would have referred to as “making whoopee.” And the second, not entirely unrelated given the inescapably male-dominated history of rock music, is simply this: girls. Or as Mötley Crüe might say: girls, girls, girls.

No small number of such songs also contain a given girl’s name in the title. And here at SMGM we’ve done the heretofore unthinkable – we’ve compiled them all, from A to Z. That’s right, you know a tune with a girl’s name as all or any part of a song title, and we’ve got it. And you’ll find them all in a seven-part playlist named “A Certain Girl.”

Did we forget anything? Can you anticipate all the girls/songs still to come? Do you really believe we went through such an insane exercise? Maybe, I doubt it, and absolutely yes.

¹either that, or I completely made it up (but still, I bet it isn’t that far off)