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Shooter Jennings “4th Of July” (2005)

I could’ve picked a more conspicuous song today: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)’ probably would’ve been the most obvious choice. And though definitely not about fireworks and celebration, another Bruce tune, ‘Independence Day’, might’ve even fit. No go for either one (though when I get my courage up I do hope to...... Read More

Jackson Browne “Daddy’s Tune” (1976)

I’m a huge Jackson Browne fan, thanks entirely to a girl I knew in high school who, unwittingly I’m sure, introduced me to him when she mentioned “Jackson pardo” in a Spanish Honors class. You see, ‘pardo’ means ‘brown’ in Spanish, and in this particular classroom we were continually implored, even berated, to speak “Solamente...... Read More
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