Earth, Wind & Fire “Gratitude” (1975)


There have been plenty of songs over the years about giving thanks. The odd pairing of Led Zeppelin and Dido both had big songs named ‘Thank You,’ while ZZ Top and Bonnie Raitt personalized things with their versions of a tune entitled ‘I Thank You.’ Alanis Morissette left a couple letters off with her song ‘Thank U’ (and coincidentally also completely left off her clothes throughout a somewhat infamous video for the song), while ever-soulful Otis Redding stretched it out slightly with ‘I Want To Thank You.’ And, never one to adhere to standards, the incomparable Sly Stone basically expressed appreciation in Sly & The Family Stone’s own language with ‘Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)’ – and yes, that is the actual title.

But I’m going to try to funkify the holiday just a bit, and give the Thanksgiving honor to the eternally praiseworthy Earth, Wind & Fire, with their 1975 classic simply identified as ‘Gratitude.’

Happy Funken Thanksgiving, all.

8 thoughts on “Earth, Wind & Fire “Gratitude” (1975)

  1. Surely a desert island disc. EWF’s finest and one of the finest live albums of all time, along side “Waiting for Columbus” by Little Feat (if you want some funk!). Yet, EWF’s epic album is one amazing cut after the other. Reasons was the best ‘slow dance’ in the 70s (remember those?). Thanks Mr. SMGM. Peace.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, hotwachs. Opening up with the killer instrumental “Africano” and somehow only getting better, that album was just amazing start to finish.

  3. I went to a junior high school in NYC and the best (and biggest at 6’4”) player on our basketball team mandated that everyone listen to Gratitude, and for that I express my gratitude to Anthony Bowie

  4. Re-read this. Thanks to Whammy Stammy for turning us onto this album. Has to be top 10 lps. Yes, grateful. Important to focus on the positive. I’m in Ethiopia as we speak, and wow the poverty – yet, wow, the positivity. Marley’s Positive Vibration. After being here, all you can think about is gratitude. Thanks, Billy G. And a happy turkey to you. Your posts inspire.

    PS – The Kinka (and later on, Elvis Costello) ‘Days’ (“Thank you for the days”) hits the mark. Both are great. Have a listen and I trust you’ll agree.

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