Loyal readers and listeners, I hope you’ll stick with this one: it starts off as a little, but turns into an F-ing lot. Giving new meaning to the idea of a “home studio,” independent music wizard Louis Cole exits a bedroom and appears in a hallway, starts off looping his distinctive electro-funk keyboard sound, gets the “F-Word Counter” clicking, and performs a crazy neck vibrato move that’s kind of indescribable. Then, at the 1:20 mark, he heads down a flight of stairs to his waiting drum kit, counts off, and – as the caption vividly exclaims – gets the “FULL BAND ACTIVATED” with a living room’s worth of grooving, swinging and syncopating horns, as well as more keyboards in the kitchen, rhythm guitar in what appears to be a bathroom, and some truly outrageous bass-ing seated on the staircase between. It’s a full-on jazzy/funky house party from there for the next few minutes, all the way through until Cole drops one final F-bomb and proceeds to blow up the world. My mind, though – I hope like yours – had already been blown.