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Bruce Springsteen “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” (1973)

The task was simple and the theme was equally self-evident: create a party playlist of precisely four hours, made up of songs culled from the vastly music-rich era of the seventies. I questioned nearly every choice along the way. Well, every choice except for one: the pick for final song..... Read More

Rush “Limelight” – scene from “I Love You, Man” (2009)

Man, I did not love Rush. Until Rush was featured in the movie “I Love You, Man” – and at that, really after just one scene in particular. The 2009 bromance comedy stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segal, whose shared worship of Rush – the Canadian power trio known to them simply as The Holy Trinity..... Read More

The Lovin’ Spoonful “Summer In The City” (1966)

There are just too many great summer songs to mention, but The Lovin' Spoonful made one of the best, "Summer In The City," and omitting one letter from a lyric may have made it the greatest ever.... Read More

Cat Stevens “Father and Son” (1970)

When my son, Max, was in college at Vassar, he had his own radio show, “Band Geeks,” on WVKR, the college radio station beaming out a 3,700 watt signal to campus, to greater Poughkeepsie, NY, and through the magic of the internet, to anyplace else. I was a faithful listener. As with most college radio... Read More

J. Geils Band “(Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party” (1973)

Not that long ago the rock world lost a great, a guy whose name everyone knows, but I’m not sure whether everyone knows he was that name. Huh? John Warren Geils Jr., better known professionally as J. Geils, was, of course, the namesake for the long-time blues/rock powerhouse, the J. Geils Band, the group he...... Read More

Rolling Stones “Dead Flowers” (1971)

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about what’s “real” country music. Personally, my views fall pretty much in line with a righteous fellow named Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos, whose website “Saving Country Music” has been around for over 10 years, and whose mission seems pretty self-explanatory (clue: It starts with something like Waylon & Willie, not...... Read More

The Kinks “Better Things” (1981)

It seems to me the turning of the annual calendar means not only the onset of a new year but the inherent wish, whether recent times have been good or bad, for things to get better. And on that theme there are many good songs from which to choose, but some are just, well, better...... Read More

Bruce Springsteen “Land Of Hope And Dreams” (2000)

This marks my 100th post for and in the months since I started it I’ve consistently put off, over and over, writing on one of the favorite and most important artists in my life, Bruce Springsteen. Really, more than just put it off, I’ve been wholly intimidated to try to cover him. I mean,...... Read More

Van Morrison “Wavelength” (1978)

I think most music observers who are fans of Van Morrison – and could there be any who are not – consider this song a bit of a trifle, given the outrageous output that Morrison had already assembled at the point that ‘Wavelength’ was released in the fall of 1978 (just for example, ‘Brown Eyed...... Read More

Blackfoot “Highway Song” (1979)

Obviously, there was ‘Freebird’ and there was ‘Green Grass and High Tides’. That pair seems undeniable and indisputable as numbers 1 & 2. But beyond those two epic southern rock guitar marathons by Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Outlaws respectively, what would come next? I'd allow either of ‘Whipping Post’ or... Read More
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