Hozier “Nina Cried Power” (2018)

“It’s not the waking, it’s the rising.” With that softly delivered line, Hozier begins one of the hardest-hitting songs I’ve heard in a very long time. “It’s a song about protest songs,” he says, “It’s a thank you note to the spirit of protest.” Hozier vaulted from obscurity to international acclaim with the roof-raising, anthemic … More Hozier “Nina Cried Power” (2018)

Fabulous Thunderbirds “My Babe” (1982)

There’s an accepted code among musicians: Don’t horn in on another band’s gig. This rule is pretty absolute, and even more so if the prospective offender is already a known douchebag. My friend Tom “Clump” Clifford has been in bands most of his life; He’s fronted The Thangs, The Mistreaters, and currently King Soul, playing … More Fabulous Thunderbirds “My Babe” (1982)

Gary Clark, Jr. “When My Train Pulls In” (2012)

In 2013 Eric Clapton presented the last – at least at the time it was announced as the last – of five iterations of what was billed as the Crossroads Guitar Festival, so named because they were events held to benefit the Crossroads Centre, a drug treatment facility in Antigua founded by Clapton (and, perhaps, … More Gary Clark, Jr. “When My Train Pulls In” (2012)

Lynyrd Skynyrd “I Know A Little” (1977)

There are probably few bands as associated with wailing guitars as Lynyrd Skynyrd, and fewer still as identified with a single song featuring a seemingly endless wall of such wailing guitars (ah, that would be ‘Freebird’ if you’re wondering). Yet, I think my favorite section of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song ever – and I love … More Lynyrd Skynyrd “I Know A Little” (1977)

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