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Dancing Days Are Here Again (Again) Playlist

Another dance video break for a Dance Week Playlist part two: more songs with "dance" or "dancing" in their titles.... Read More

Dancing Days Are Here Again Playlist

A dance video break for a Dance Week Playlist: all songs with "dance" or "dancing" in their titles.... Read More

On The Road Again Playlist

Maybe it's still too soon for a road trip, but when you're ready here's one for the road: the definitive "Road" Playlist.... Read More

Shep’s Top 10 Story Songs

You know the songs but still may not have tracked the stories: guest Shep Cummings is back to assess his best story songs of the seventies.... Read More

Art’s Rocking Blues Playlist

To correct a misconception, singing the blues is not all about singing the blues. Chase away the blues, and rejoice in these rocking blues tunes.... Read More

Rock & Roll Christmas Playlist

Tired of "Christmas" music? Try a holiday playlist with a little more rock for your rockin' around the Christmas tree.... Read More

I Put A Spell On You (Halloween Playlist)

A Playlist for Halloween (with actual Rock & Roll and no Monster Mash)... Read More

Bo Diddley Beat Playlist

Bo Diddley created his own beat, and for over six decades just about everyone has been marching to it.... Read More

David Lindley “Mercury Blues” (1981)

A guy you’ve heard on records a thousand times but didn’t know it was him, this maxi-instrumentalist's song became the perfect opener for a particular Playlist request.... Read More

Another Covid 19 Playlist

Another weird week, in a string of weird weeks. Another 19 songs. Another Covid 19 Playlist. Unlike my prior effort, no self-imposed, OCD-driven, 1970’s-only restrictions for this one, so I can now give ‘Strange Days’ the opening slot it deserves. Lots of cautions lately to please ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me,’ ‘Keep Your Hands...... Read More
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