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Tom Waits For No One

Loved by many, understood by few: a guest review of the career of an eccentric genius, Tom Waits... Read More

Bruce Springsteen @ Edinburgh, Scotland (“The Rising”)

Helping a friend overcome unfamiliar doubts about seeing an aging Springsteen again produces a familiar conclusion.... Read More

Growing Up With Gordon

A heartfelt tribute to Gordon Lightfoot upon his passing, by the one person I know best equipped to do so.... Read More

Shep’s Top 10 Story Songs

You know the songs but still may not have tracked the stories: guest Shep Cummings is back to assess his best story songs of the seventies.... Read More

Rod Stewart “You Wear It Well” (1972)

Like a picture being worth a thousand words, sometimes one example is worth a thousand lyrics. Co-written with guitarist Martin Quittenton, 'You Wear It Well' is Rod Stewart’s musical recital of a letter sent one hot afternoon by a bored guy to his ex-girlfriend... Read More

Don Henley “Boys of Summer” (1984)

One of this blog's regular readers, perhaps motivated by my apparent dismissiveness for lyrics, first in a post on the Drive-by Truckers and then in a follow up with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, has written in to be heard from. For our first-ever... Read More
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