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The Kinks “David Watts”

"How could my name have fallen from the sky?" How a lot of pot and a little happenstance with a paper plate led to panic at a Kinks concert... Read More

George Harrison “All Things Must Pass”

Released from his restrictions George Harrison recorded an outpouring of brilliance, creating the single greatest post-Beatles solo album.... Read More

Nobody Doesn’t Like The Doobie Brothers

After 50 years The Doobie Brothers' long train is still runnin'. And that's great news for...everybody. Because nobody doesn't like The Doobies.... Read More

The 10 Most Perfect Albums

In search of perfection: So Much Great Music makes the case for the 10 most perfect albums ever. Not simply the best, but...perfect.... Read More

The Top 10 Best American Bands

To celebrate Independence Day, So Much Great Music went through the painstaking process of choosing the Top 10 Best American Bands... Read More

Focus “Hocus Pocus” (1971)

A bizarre series of solos leads to the conclusion that some records are not meant to be broken... Read More

J. Geils Band “Musta Got Lost”

Peter Wolf rapped rock's greatest intro (before rap was even a thing)... Read More

The Nighthawks “Destination” (1982)

The Nighthawks, George Thorogood, and an unexpected tag-team tandem, formed the alchemy for what I consider my greatest concert night ever.... Read More

The Beatles “I Feel Fine” (1964)

John Lennon accidentally created rock's first-ever recorded feedback on the early Beatles classic 'I Feel Fine.' With a new kitchen appliance, I've recently matched his serendipity.... Read More

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band “Old Time Rock and Roll” (1981)

Alto Reed, a man with a giant horn and the best understated name in rock and roll, was the last sorrowful entry on a brutal list of 2020 music world losses.... Read More
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