The Nelson family (Generation II, Part II)

As promised, here’s some more Lukas Nelson, this time plugged in and with band. First, about the band: Since 2015 Promise Of The Real have been the regular backing unit for a guy named Neil Young. In studio and on tour. So there’s that. (and that’s ole Neil you see at front/center stage pictured above). Second, regarding Lukas’s previously mentioned guitar wailing capability: Judging by this song, I’d have to surmise that while decades of listeners have played Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall and gotten stoned to the bejeezus while air-guitaring David Gilmour’s heavenly licks, Lukas Nelson actually learned how the hell to do it (while no doubt still getting stoned to the bejeezus too). If his jam starting at 4:42 through the fade out two-and-a-half minutes later doesn’t recall, say, ‘Time’ or ‘Comfortably Numb’, then I don’t know, maybe it’s you that’s been hitting the bong too hard.