I’m a huge Jackson Browne fan, thanks entirely to a girl I knew in high school who, unwittingly I’m sure, introduced me to him when she mentioned “Jackson pardo” in a Spanish Honors class. You see, ‘pardo’ means ‘brown’ in Spanish, and in this particular classroom we were continually implored, even berated, to speak “Solamente en Español!”

The album The Pretender soon became one of the most important ones of my adolescence – I completely wore that record out – and as a nice bonus I also discovered that the timbre of Jackson Browne’s voice was the most ideal match I’ve ever found to sing along with (in all modesty, I absolutely nail the beginning of ‘Here Come Those Tears Again’).

So here’s my favorite track from that incredible and impactful album, a fantastic song whether your own feelings for your dad may be as complex and conflicted as those which Jackson Browne wrenchingly described, or simply filled with love and admiration as mine are for my pop.

Happy Father’s Day, all.