I guess the biggest of the “lies” here was that this delightful, melodic and catchy little song was not actually recorded by 4 mop-topped Beatles in Liverpool, England – as one might quite naturally assume – but by a garage band named The Knickerbockers led by a couple of brothers from Bergenfield, New Jersey. Apocryphal or not, it’s believed that the first time John Lennon heard it he quipped “I don’t remember recording this” followed by “They sound more like us than we do” leading some to dub this “The greatest song The Beatles never recorded.”

“Lies, lies / I can’t believe a word you say.” So true, Knickerbockers.

This video contains some of the most mis-timed lip-synching and fake instrument playing I think I’ve ever seen. Just lies.

And, still more lies: A video someone took the trouble to make that looks like The Beatles are really singing it (but the lip-synching isn’t much worse).