Friends, I have to ask: What the hell was up with Cecilia?! She’s getting it on with Paul, at his place and in the middle of the afternoon yet, and as soon as he takes a little bathroom break she’s got someone else hopping into bed with her? How did this other guy even get in the room? Was he hiding in the closet R. Kelly style the whole time? Did she have him staged outside the door just waiting for the chance to bust in? Was it Art?! Did she have a thing for historically bad Jewfros? Is that what all the bad blood between Simon and Garfunkel stemmed from in the first place? Was she unscrupulous? Just impetuous? Possibly polyamorous? So many questions. But regardless, I must say, that seems like some very shady behavior by Cecilia, even for the “free love” late ‘60’s.

At least the song ends with “Jubilation, she loves me again.” Way to go, Paul, but maybe in the future it’s a good idea not to get up to wash your face or let Cecilia too far out of your sight.