There’s not a lot to say about the Beatles that hasn’t already been said, so I won’t try much here. But I chose this song because in many ways it seems a perfect exemplification of what made the Beatles what they were – which was, c’mon, the greatest band of all time.

This was at the very end. With irreconcilable conflicts, the band was essentially done when they (and Billy Preston!) climbed atop the roof of London’s Apple Studios in January of 1969 for an unannounced midday performance, their last ever in public (captured in the attached clip in grainy footage interspersed with some typically cheeky British man-on-the-street commentary).  One of the takes was ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’, subsequently track 1 on side 2 of the Beatles final album release, Let It Be. It’s Paul’s song, he takes the ‘I’ve got a feeling…’ verses with fervor through the record’s first half. Then suddenly, it’s John, coming in with the variant ‘Everybody had a hard year…’ for two verses. And then, after George’s quick guitar interlude and Ringo’s drum fill…Paul and John sing their two entirely disparate parts together. Seamlessly. Perfectly. Like they were always meant to be so. And doesn’t that just sum up the curious, incomparable magic of Lennon and McCartney? Eternally complementary, even while inexorably conflicting.

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