Have you ever tried to find an irresistibly catchy song with a video that features an armadillo race started by a one-legged girl? Look no further. I didn’t know a thing about the Texas Gentlemen when I heard this, but man I love this tune (it’s that Freddie King guitar tone!). What I know now is that they’re a rotating cast of in-demand backing players, mostly out of Dallas, nominally led by a gentleman named Beau Patrick Bedford, and after jamming together in a studio for 4 days not all that long ago, they decided to create a debut album, “TX Jelly,” a quirky mix of country, blues, soul and psychedelia that they cut live. Whatever else it has, it’s got these four minutes of phenomenal funk and fun. What’s that title mean though? (ohhh, duuude, now I get it). Of the band’s loosely defined, informal and organic methods of music-making, Bedford says, “This band is always setting itself up for a miracle or a disaster.” Here, we thankfully have the former.