Nelson, ever wary of the next issue that may be coming.

Our dog Nelson is, as we often put it, a strange little man. He’s a rescue, so who knows what he may once have been through. But throughout his 11 years with us certain triggers set him off in almost comically explosive ways. Some are usual canine suspects – the vacuum cleaner and any delivery man – but others are a bit more peculiar: the cycle change of the washing machine, the sound of ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain, the dull whir of a salad spinner, the mere sight of a household quesadilla maker, and even approaching the vicinity of an in-sink garbage disposal. And, this one.

My son Max, in Sacramento with numerous former and current bandmates and roommates for the wedding of one of them, all of whom having spent considerable time in our household, texted that they were all sitting around at breakfast hysterically laughing about how the beginning of this song reminded them of when Nelson hears the tea kettle start to go off. And we make tea a lot. Enjoy.

(The two-minute track, by Philadelphia hardcore band Soul Glo, is not exactly my thing – Pitchfork described it as “feral,” which still seems to grossly soft-pedal its feel – but if you listen to just the first 10 seconds I think you’ll get the idea.)