Richie Havens “Freedom” (1969)

Of all the iconic performances that took place at Woodstock during its era-defining “3 Days of Peace & Music,” 32 acts in total, perhaps none was as singularly identifiable with the event, as historically significant for truly capturing the zeitgeist of the counter-culture moment, as Richie Havens’ classic rendition of his song ‘Freedom.’ Guess how … More Richie Havens “Freedom” (1969)

Bob Dylan “My Back Pages” (1964) [performed 1992]

..on the occasion of the 30th anniversary tribute concert to Bob Dylan. As they set forth into Dylan’s 1964 classic ‘My Back Pages,’ the procession of participants taking a turn went as follows: Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison. Talk about a murderers’ row!.. … More Bob Dylan “My Back Pages” (1964) [performed 1992]

Bruce Springsteen “Countin’ On A Miracle” (2002)

“Hope is not a strategy” is a well accepted maxim in the world of business, and surely for life in general as well. Plenty has been written, deservedly, about the power of positive thinking, and yet it must also be remembered that irrational optimism is not always benign. Personally, I can be accused … More Bruce Springsteen “Countin’ On A Miracle” (2002)

Warren Zevon “Disorder In The House” (2003)

He’ll always be The Boss, but Bruce Springsteen has also been the assistant more times than you might realize, guest appearing on dozens of songs by an eclectic list of artists over the years. Sidekick supremacy, however, must go to Springsteen’s powerful and yet even more poignant role supporting Warren Zevon … More Warren Zevon “Disorder In The House” (2003)

Tyler Childers “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (2019)

“Seinfeld” had a whole episode (“The Contest”) about a certain solitary pursuit, so, I guess, why not a pop song. The Divinyls’ sultry 1990 hit ‘I Touch Myself’ certainly addressed the subject most directly, but many more only slightly less obvious allusions have existed than one might expect: ‘Dancing With Myself’ … More Tyler Childers “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (2019)