Weezer “Beverly Hills” (2005)

Up until recently, I would’ve confidently named Chicago as the band that had the biggest career drop-off from seriously kick-ass rock band to absolutely lame-ass schlock band (and before you say the self-described “rock and roll band with horns” was always lame, do go back and listen to their early stuff, their long-before-Terry-Kath-accidentally-blew-his-own-brains-out stuff; they … More Weezer “Beverly Hills” (2005)

Tundrastomper “Myth Of Slop” (2017); “For Flies Only” (2018)

Time for the nepotistic entry – as Jack Black said in “School Of Rock”, “A little nep-o-tis.” Time for my son Max’s band. Time for Tundrastomper! They’ve been playing as a 4-man unit for roughly 10 years, starting back early in high school, continuing through their college years – though they attended four different schools … More Tundrastomper “Myth Of Slop” (2017); “For Flies Only” (2018)

The Dungeon // Fatboy Slim “The Rockafeller Skank” (1998)

The word ‘literally’ is literally misused most of the time. Generally when you hear it spoken it’s for emphasis and not to be taken, well, literally. Still, on a night in 2001 in the joyous city of New Orleans, I literally…literally…thought I was going to die. There are a lot of great bars in New … More The Dungeon // Fatboy Slim “The Rockafeller Skank” (1998)

R.E.M. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” (1994)

R.E.M. was one of the most successful, genre defining, and critically praised rock bands ever.   The terms ‘College rock’ and ‘alternative rock’ were basically invented for them. They put out 4 fine albums in the mid-‘80’s, broke through big on 2 albums in the late ‘80’s, and completely blew up with 2 albums in the … More R.E.M. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” (1994)