Tedeschi Trucks Band “I’m Gonna Be There” (2019)

“I got one! I got one!” A tow-haired boy, probably age 5 or 6, sped past us, eyes agog, screaming ecstatically and rushing to show his family the firefly he’d apparently just captured between his trembling, cupped hands. It was the early evening of July 4th, my wife and I taking in a dazzling setting … More Tedeschi Trucks Band “I’m Gonna Be There” (2019)

The Sheepdogs “The Way It Is” (2012)

Many of the longest and closest friendships of my life derive directly from the softball teams I played on in my just-post-college years, particularly the legendary Polera’s Demolition Crew, winners of back-to-back (and belly-to-belly) league championships and continuous crusher of our arch-rival, Ted’s Auto Body. So I’m dedicating this post – for reasons that will … More The Sheepdogs “The Way It Is” (2012)

Hozier “Nina Cried Power” (2018)

“It’s not the waking, it’s the rising.” With that softly delivered line, Hozier begins one of the hardest-hitting songs I’ve heard in a very long time. “It’s a song about protest songs,” he says, “It’s a thank you note to the spirit of protest.” Hozier vaulted from obscurity to international acclaim with the roof-raising, anthemic … More Hozier “Nina Cried Power” (2018)