Sarah Shook & The Disarmers “Heal Me” (2017)

See if the following three sets of statements shake you. 1) Sarah Shook is arguably one of Country/Americana music’s biggest current stars; she was born in the not-quite southern stronghold of Rochester, NY. 2) Shook was homeschooled and grew up in a fundamentalist Christian family where, among other things, music was severely restricted; she is … More Sarah Shook & The Disarmers “Heal Me” (2017)

Cee Lo Green “Run Rudolph Run” (2012)

‘Run Rudolph Run’¹ is a song recorded in 1958 by Chuck Berry (and melodically identical to a more famous one he’d release one year later, ‘Little Queenie’). Since then it’s been covered by a remarkable array of artists – from Keith Richards, Dave Edmunds, Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, Reverend Horton Heat, Foghat, and … More Cee Lo Green “Run Rudolph Run” (2012)

Bruce Springsteen “Land Of Hope And Dreams” (2000)

This marks my 100th post for and in the months since I started it I’ve consistently put off, over and over, writing on one of the favorite and most important artists in my life, Bruce Springsteen. Really, more than just put it off, I’ve been wholly intimidated to try to cover him. I mean, … More Bruce Springsteen “Land Of Hope And Dreams” (2000)

The White Buffalo “Modern Times” (2015)

Here’s my quick description of the video to follow: Burly, long-haired and bearded man dances frantically in front of a tattered wood-paneled wall. That’s not exactly selling you? Please, give it two-and-a-half minutes, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. This is Jake Smith, a singer/songwriter performing for roughly 16 years under the moniker The White … More The White Buffalo “Modern Times” (2015)

Brian Setzer “Let’s Shake” (2014)

You know who’s one of the most incredible, underappreciated guitarists/musicians of our time? Brian Setzer, that’s who. Besides being able to flat-out jump, jive and wail on his now signature model series of Gretsch hollow-body guitars, he’s a revivalist of two distinct, forgotten and historically significant musical genres: In two decades, first resurrecting Rockabilly, with … More Brian Setzer “Let’s Shake” (2014)

Starbuck “Moonlight Feels Right” (1976)

The making of a good song requires all kinds of choices, with lyrics, with instrumentation, with production, and more. The solo break generally presents fewer options, guitar, of course, filling the vast majority, with piano or saxophone likely being next in line. Some notable exceptions, though, do exist. Midway through ‘Pictures Of Lily’, one of … More Starbuck “Moonlight Feels Right” (1976)

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real “Find Yourself” (2017)

I don’t get out to the movies much. That fact is not merely a matter of my laziness or the presence of Netflix. In truth, there are just very few occasions when a new movie comes out that excites or inspires me much, let alone motivates me to actually get to a theater. The release … More Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real “Find Yourself” (2017)